Stinky ‘horse dog’…

This week I was so excited to see we had an Irish Wolfhound, one of my favourite breeds of dog.  He was absolutely gorgeous, even if he was a bit smelly, so of course I volunteered!


We spent ages trying to get the matted knots out before his shower, gave him a good wash and conditioned him and then spent even more time getting the matts out that we didn’t  find before and were hidden in all his nooks and crannies.

The nature of a rough coat like his made it hard to see much of an improvement after he had been groomed but he definitely smelt better.

He is such a placid dog and took a little persuasion to get onto the table, being so strong it was a bit of an effort but once there he was very well behaved, a real gentle giant.



Off to puppy class this evening, Ralph is slowly getting there, but he is very stubborn and even though there may be a delicious treat he would much rather sit and wait than lower himself to laying down or sitting when he’s told!



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