Stinky ‘horse dog’…

This week I was so excited to see we had an Irish Wolfhound, one of my favourite breeds of dog.  He was absolutely gorgeous, even if he was a bit smelly, so of course I volunteered!


We spent ages trying to get the matted knots out before his shower, gave him a good wash and conditioned him and then spent even more time getting the matts out that we didn’t  find before and were hidden in all his nooks and crannies.

The nature of a rough coat like his made it hard to see much of an improvement after he had been groomed but he definitely smelt better.

He is such a placid dog and took a little persuasion to get onto the table, being so strong it was a bit of an effort but once there he was very well behaved, a real gentle giant.



Off to puppy class this evening, Ralph is slowly getting there, but he is very stubborn and even though there may be a delicious treat he would much rather sit and wait than lower himself to laying down or sitting when he’s told!



Curly coats and matting

Second day at dog grooming and did a pretty good job (if I don’t mind saying so myself!).

Our dog this week was Cockerpoo, or something like that, and had very curly, dirty and a little matted hair.  Straight in the bath, you wouldn’t believe the amount of dirt came out, but I suppose its expected when you’re so close to the ground and you cant bathe yourself.

We had to clip to get rid of the matting, originally hoping to leave her tail and ears, but we had to concede defeat and clip everywhere apart from her face.  This is the scary part, being so close to delicate eyes and ears is a bit nerve racking, but we did it with no injuries.

Such a placid little lady and was so patient with us.  The tutor said that we had done a good, neat job considering we hadn’t used clippers before and that gave us a little confidence boost.   Roll on next week.

Here are the before and after pictures, apologies for the blurry images but its so hard getting them to sit still.




When black labs took over…

Well, I had Dougie and Bruno for five days. Both brilliant dogs and gave you the best welcome every time you walked in the room.

Taking them both for a walk was hard work, not in the sense that they played up, but just that I felt like I would have arms like Popeye by the the end of the week.

I was sad to see Dougie go, but it was nice to still have Bruno albeit only for a couple more days.

I dropped him off at his home before dashing to the Blue Cross to cover.  He was so pleased to see his family, he could barely contain himself.

I now have a real soft spot for black labs and would seriously consider one for myself if I ever got a dog.




Grooming update

I was actually let loose on a live animal this week.  Rupert, a gorgeous Irish Setter, here’s the finished product (apologies for the poor quality)…

20170918_204219 (1)

Not sure what it will be next week, but I’m looking forward to it.

I now have Dougie staying with Bruno, he’s another young black lab, very playful and lively.  They get on great and spend most of the day playing, but between them they get up to mischief so I have learnt to keep a close eye on them.  They’re both really loveable dogs that love a good cuddle and fuss.



So the madness begins….

Had a really busy week, getting paperwork sorted, working on setting up Facebook and Instagram & sorting out all the niggly loose ends, I think I’m slowly getting there.

Friday Ralph arrived, he’s such handsome dog with a lovely personality.  He just wants to play all the time.  I discovered that the standard stairgate would not be enough to keep him in the kitchen while I am busy.  He’s quite a heavy dog but he can clear that no problem.  A few modifications might just be needed!


We have another guest this morning, Bruno, he’s also a beautiful dog.  He’s only a youngster and so he wants to play all the time too.  They get on like a house on fire and have been running round the garden like a couple of loons.


As they both have so much energy I might have a nice long walk this afternoon. It will be good to get out, regardless of the rubbish weather .

This is it!

Well this is it, I finally did it!

Its been a very long time in the planning, or should I say thinking about it, stage. But it is finally here, I am now up and running and taking bookings.

There are a few niggly bits I have t work out, but it will come into place very soon.

The next stage is to get my backside into gear and start work on putting the planning application in for the cattery pens. Hoping its not going to be too complicated, but we’ll soon find out.

I am already enrolled on the grooming course, I’m really looking forward to that, cant wait to get my teeth into it.

I will also be going to puppy training class with Ralph (pictured), courtesy of Lewis and Chloe, it should be fun 🙂

Wish me luck!