Curly coats and matting

Second day at dog grooming and did a pretty good job (if I don’t mind saying so myself!).

Our dog this week was Cockerpoo, or something like that, and had very curly, dirty and a little matted hair.  Straight in the bath, you wouldn’t believe the amount of dirt came out, but I suppose its expected when you’re so close to the ground and you cant bathe yourself.

We had to clip to get rid of the matting, originally hoping to leave her tail and ears, but we had to concede defeat and clip everywhere apart from her face.  This is the scary part, being so close to delicate eyes and ears is a bit nerve racking, but we did it with no injuries.

Such a placid little lady and was so patient with us.  The tutor said that we had done a good, neat job considering we hadn’t used clippers before and that gave us a little confidence boost.   Roll on next week.

Here are the before and after pictures, apologies for the blurry images but its so hard getting them to sit still.




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